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Time Management and Technology

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A full time job is 40 hours a week 8-5,  do you do the same as a student?

An MBA in Supply Chain Management

Learn more aboutSupply Chain Management

The Hot New MBA: Supply-Chain Management is the title of an article just a couple months old in the Wall Street Journal (online). It came as a surprise to me when I read the title of this article. I was perplexed. A “hot new" MBA?  

Why Get an MBA

Why an MBA, MBA, MBA program, MBA applicant, Clarkson MBA, mba career path

As an MBA student fresh out of undergrad, I always felt I lacked guidance when it came to pursuing a graduate degree. The decision was mostly made without any external influences, which could have made it a lot easier. With that in mind, I am glad to have had the opportunity to help out a great individual in the beginning of his MBA journey.

The Importance of Innovation in Supply Chain Management

supply chain innovation, mba, clarkson mba, supply chain management, global, innovation

A few months ago, I wrote about the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship. There, I discussed how an opportunity can lead to innovation, which then results in value creation. Often times, supply chain is referred to as the value chain. Therefore, the importance of innovation in supply chain management prevails in the opportunity to create value

MBA Leadership: Leading like a Boss [Part 2]

MBA leadership, business strategy, analysis, context, leading like a boss, MBA, mba leaders

In the MBA program, we are taught to think analytically and strategically. We are taught to be data-driven. But, are we taught to be leaders?

MBA Leadership: Leading like a Boss [Part 1]

MBA Leadership, mba, mba leaders

At a music festival in Boston, a couple of months ago, I witnessed the start of an exciting and random movement. In the east side of City Hall Plaza, adjacent to the City Hall building, was the stage. Positioned in an odd way, the stage housed the shows of several talented bands during the 2-day festival. It was odd because the crowd couldn’t circumvent the whole stage. The crowd didn’t flow from the far right side around the center to the far left side of the stage; instead people were only able to surround it from its center to the far left side. So the people around the far left side of the stage couldn’t see the band.  

Design: A Holistic View in Business Strategy

supply chain, strategy, design, business

Today, I stumbled upon an 8-year old article published online by Tim Brown on Fast Company.  Curiously, I had been thinking on this topic recently: Design strategy.

The Importance of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

MBA, innovation and entrepreneurship, ideas, opportunities

Innovation. What does innovation mean? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “a new idea, device, or method” or “the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods.”   In even simpler terms, innovation is just something new. It is something new in anything, whether it is just a tweak in a current technology or something completely radical that might change one’s life. Regardless, it is something new. But how exactly do we get to innovation? The answer lies on entrepreneurship.

Graduate school tuition should not be intimidating

MBA tuition and graduate school tuition

Graduate school may sound intimidating for certain people. For others it may be another challenge to expand their knowledge. Others, though, may say “graduating from college is intimidating enough, why bother with grad school?” And yet others, the more down to earth, may say “I can’t afford tuition for graduate school.” Now, the latter group makes a strong case. But just like a college degree, a post graduate degree is an investment.

Graduate school is not cheap at all, not to mention if it is an MBA. Check these numbers out:

Google Glass: Innovation and New Product Development

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